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Attract the best employees

The race for talent is accelerating and employees are putting more weight on the physical characteristics of a workplace when choosing where they want to work. They are looking for a community to be a part of and they want to be inspired by the premises they work in. The office is changing from an expenditure to the most visible component of an employer’s appeal.  

By leasing an office in Takomo Base we will create a work environment that isn’t only cool and functional, but will enhance the physical well-being of your staff. In return, you will get committed and more productive employees that are less likely to leave.   

People spend a third of their lives at work. To draw people out from the comforts of their homes, the office needs to be inviting, comfortable and inspiring. During the day, you need different environment for different tasks. A quite place for concentration, a cosy area for a relaxed teamwork session, comfortable seating for taking a break and interaction. 


Benefits of working in an office

In Takomo Base we offer both our own expertise and that of our network at your disposal to create meaningful spaces for our tenants. Using the knowledge from the latest research we are able to design a work environment worth making the commute

Staying home has a strong pull over people so the office needs appeal to the employees. Best way to accomplish that is to include the staff in decision-making by asking their opinion and what they wish the office looked and felt like. 


From an office to a Clubhouse

What defines a good office? The Wall Street Journal wrote that today’s office should be considered a clubhouse rather than a place to get work done. In the future working spaces will be used more as collaboration and brainstorming centres rather than places that cater to individual work zones. The office has evolved beyond the initial clerical function and now it is time to modernize.

Read the whole article here: The Post-Pandemic Office Should Be a Clubhouse – WSJ

" By leasing an office in Takomo Base, we will create a unique space for every company. You decide the floorplan, the style, the interior design and every other element of the office. "
Antti Jalomäki

Here's how it goes


1. Interview

How many people will be working here and what type of tasks does a typical working day include? Are there some special features to your business we need to take into account?

2. Viewing

A visit to Takomo Base to view the potential premises and a look into some recently renovated ones to get an idea what your future office could look like. 


3. Deep Dive

Digging deeper into the individual needs and preferences of your business and employees to find out the best way to cater to them.


4. Design

After committing to the project and signing the lease agreement, you will be introduced to the design team. Architects and engineers will finalise the plans.  

5. Renovation

The office will be built according to the plans. You will be kept up-to-date every step of the way and can start planning for the move.  


6. Moving Day

Welcome to Takomo Base, the new home of your business! We trust you will love it here.

No question will go unanswered

After moving in to Takomo Base we are here to help you with any questions that may arise during your time with us. Our team will be at your service and easy to get in touch with and you will be given clear instructions on how to deal with different situations and who to contact in what case. We conduct customer surveys on regular intervals to make sure we are doing a good job and are always open to suggestions and feedback.

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Takomo Base

A streamlined building that represents the 2000’s design has served some high-end companies such as Nokia and Stockmann in its time. Updated to the 2020’s demands, the premises are contemporary, efficient and full of light. Here you don’t have to pay extra for an Art Nouveau style facade or gilded handrails so you may spend the money you saved in something else. The amenities include everything you need to meet your clients, organise events and maintain that work-life balance with healthy nutrition and exercise. 

Offices starting from 200 m2/10 people

Offices available on four floors for medium-sized and large companies

With a floor area of circa 2 440 m2 a company of 150 employees would occupy an entire floor.Each floor can be divided into three independent units allowing a natural and cost efficient way to place different business units in their own “leaves” of the floor.

Smaller companies may occupy a leaf on their own and on some floors the leaves can even be sub-divided to fit 10-15 people.

Takomo Base - specifications
- 11 000 m2 of office space on 4 floors, 2 440 m2 per floor
- Units starting from circa 200 m2
- Chilled beam air conditioning and led lighting
- 232 + 100 parking places

Takomo Base floor by floor

Would you like to join us at Takomo Base?

Send an enquiry and we’ll contact you in no time to hear more about your company and the kind of premises that would suit you best. Press the button and we’ll forge a unique office for you!

What's a great office like?

Innovative design
Optimising space utilisation means that the previously unused and “in-between” spaces such as corridors or under-stairs that are taken into used and transformed into functional work areas like informal meeting space or private pods. This type of innovative design creates cosy and comfortable spaces that people love spending time in.   



Home-like elements
Bringing in home-like elements like natural materials, comfortable furniture, plants and artwork creates a sense of comfort, reduces stress and promotes productivity. Instead of bringing work home, why not bring the elements of home to the office to create an inviting environment.  


Innovative design
Comforts of home at work?


Amenities, yes please. They make your life easier, save you time and allow you to concentrate on your business.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them:

The rent is defined by the location and the general price level in the area. The rent is also defined by the lease period and the extent of the work that will be carried out to create the office space. The average rent level in Takomo Base is 17 € per m2 +VAT. 

The landlord will cover the cost of the renovation including the project management and design costs. The tenant is responsible for their interior decoration.

The rent includes the use of the premises and water and use of the gym. The tenant pays for the electricity according to use. In addition to the rent, there is a monthly service charge for the Front Desk. 

The tenant acquires and pays for their IT related costs as well as the cleaning of their own premises.

A parking right to the warm garage is 125 € per month +VAT. A parking place outside the building is 80 € per month + VAT.

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